Greyhead Studio presents the timeless classical strategy board game, Reversi. With implemented “Othello” rules and an elegant vintage look, Greyhead Studio’s Reversi is a great play to challenge your logical skills and train your brain.

Reversi features: 

1. Elegant vintage look 

2. 7 difficulty levels

3. Player can choose their color (red or black)

4. Auto-replay

5. Recording of turns and ability to replay from any of turns

The strategy board game Reversi is played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. The goal of Reversi is to flip as many disks of your color as possible.During your turn, place a disk of your color next to the opponent’s disk to line the disks of your color in a straight line. All the disks between the two disks that are of your color, get flipped over and turn into disks of your color. Whoever has the most disks of their color on the filled board is the winner.

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