story driven space combat simulator with newtonian non-arcade flight model

Diamond Heist

Diamond Heist is beautiful math-3 game with the twist and challenge. Carefully designed and logically approved by professional stone and diamond collectors!

Mystery Crypt

Mystery Crypt is a brand new Halloween game that involves scares and logic.

Happy Cook

No adults allowed in the kitchen! The territory is reserved only for Jerry the Cook and his little helpers.

Aquamarine Submarine

How quick are your reflexes? Are you ready to explore the depths of the sea with all its dangers and adventures? Then Greyheadstudio’s latest aquamarine is your best bet!


Gomoku is a simple yet challenging games that requires focus and strategy.


Greyhead Studio presents the timeless classical strategy board game, Reversi. With implemented “Othello” rules and an elegant vintage look, Greyhead Studio’s Reversi is a great play to challenge your logical skills and train your brain.


Are you bored of countless match three games? Marbles is a simple yet extremely addicting game for family and friends. It’s a fun way to switch it up and kill time while training your brain and logical

Sudoku HD

Greyhead Studio loves a good classic. For those who enjoy a mental challenge and logic-based games, we present an elegant version of the number-placement puzzle, Sudoku.

Word Connect HD

Do you like puzzles and word games? Brought to you by Greyhead Studio, a fun and addictive word connect game from space!

Solitaire Collection

A true gamer knows the importance of going back to the basics! Greyhead Studios is happy to present to you the never aging patience game classic, Klondike and Freecell solitaires.

Minesweeper Puzzle

Who said Minesweeper has to be grey and boring? Brought to you by GreyHeadStudio, enjoy a colorful variety of vibrant HD graphics of an all time classic.

Flowering Tree

Flowering tree Puzzle Game is a great modern way to challenge those dead brain cells while enjoying beautiful designs and graphics.